End of life for Softimage support on February 13th, 2021

Hi everyone,

3 months from now, on February 13th, we will remove any remaining support for Softimage in Toolkit. Softimage hasn’t been included in any of our modern Toolkit configurations since we released tk-config-default2 and our Softimage integrations haven’t seen any update in the last 3 years.

When doing so, we will

  • take the Github repo offline
  • remove support for it in tk-multi-launchapp
  • remove Softimage hooks from our apps
  • remove it from the list of supported engines at support.shotgunsoftware.com .

The Softimage engine will remain available on the Toolkit AppStore for the foreseeable future, and so will versions of the launch app that are able to launch Softimage. If your team needs to keep using Softimage, we recommend that you stick with older versions of the launch app and the various other apps that support it, or to integrate the hooks from those apps as part of your configuration instead.