Using tk-softimage today, should we?

Hi there!

I got a request earlier today about implementing the tk-softimage engine into our pipeline. Reading the docs and scrolling down to Information for App Developers, I don’t get super excited. I did some quick tests and I was able to launch Softimage but the workfiles app did not launch at all.

Basically my question is:
Does anyone have experience with using this engine today? We’re on the Windows, using the latest apps and engines, using distributed configs, and have Softimage 2015 installed. Am I just gonna waste my time trying to get it to work?

I should probably add that I don’t have any experience with Softimage so sorry if I’m asking about something obvious…



Hi Jonas

I’m not sure if this helps to much as it’s been removed from our configs for a long time, but here is an old version of the tk-config-default where it is added:

Looks like it was probably never updated to work with workfiles2, so that is something you would need to do.



Funnily enough I just had the same question.

Actually, when I added the qtframework to the frameworks.yml and tried tank install_engine project tk-softimage I found this instead::

tk-multi-workfiles: ‘@workfiles2

So it seems it did, at some point work with workfiles2?


Ah your right, good catch, I focused on looking at the config, but workfiles2 does have a Softimage hook. Sorry about that. As for if it is still working I have no idea.

Hmm, Ill have a look further, maybe can get it to work :smiley:

As the docs say, as far as I understand, the workfiles app adds the ssl libs so does that mean that softimage will never run into the tls issue that other software ran into?

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Hi @jonas.lindfors
We will be removing support for Softimage in three months. You can read the announcement here and how you can keep using Softimage after that date.

Hi @jfboismenu
I appreciate that you’re letting me know. We never started using it in our pipeline so no big deal for us.


Indeed! Our usage metrics showed that no one has launched that integration in the last few months, but I wanted to double-check with you in case something was wrong on our end.