Do the rounding site preferences manipulate the actual data stored in Shotgun or are they just for display purposes?

The term “rounding” makes it sound kind of scary, especially when there are other prefs that specify “display.” Just want to make sure that flipping these doesn’t actually changed data under the hood.

Examples of the prefs we’re referring to:

Excellent question Brandon! And a happy Friday to you!

These preferences are just for display. For example:

  • If you enter 20.12 in a currency field while the preference for currency display is 1,000.99 you’ll get 20.12 displayed.
  • If you then change the preference to 1,001 and reload your page, you’ll see 20 .
  • If you were to now edit your value, you’ll see the original 20.12 value in the edit box.
  • If you set the pref back and reload your page, you’ll also get the original value back.