DNxHR and the Shotgun Transcoder

Hi all,

Will the Shotgun Transcoder eventually support DNxHR?

We’ve been uploading DNxHD encoded media with no issue (and also older libx264 media), but recently an internal request was looking to use DNxHR LB for a certain department’s media, and when we tried uploading a test, the SG server transcoding produced a “grey box” movie for viewing in the web browser.




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Hey DW,

Currently no, there aren’t plans to add DNxHR support to the transcoder. These are the currently supported codecs:

I’d recommend submitting your idea to our product team.

Thanks Brandon, I’ve submitted the idea.

After having done some reading on the subject, I think for our purposes in this case, we can use the equivalent of DNxHD 36 for our pre-upload encoding in this department.

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