Display in Query fields

Hello . is there any plan to make available a display of all elements that correspond to the rules ?
so far, there is only a “Single Asset” option .
it’d be very helpful if i could showcase multiple Asset.
for exemple, my query here is to show all the Assets used in the “Current Shot” which correspond to “type : character”. in shots, i’ve got more than one character .

maybe i’m just looking in the wrong direction and there are other workaround

thanks for your help


Hi @Guillaume_Dété,

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We don’t yet have a way to list the entities that are a result of the query in the cell itself like a multi-entity field would. The below workaround might do the trick for you.

If you set up your query field to show a count, in addition to the count of character assets, the cell will also contain an info button in the top left. If you click the info button, you’ll get a focus window with a list of all the character assets.


Hello . that’s something i figured out, but it’s not as quite “visual” as my users would like it to be .

We don’t yet have a way to list the entities, is this something we / I should suggest in a Roadmap group ?

thanks anyway for your time .



I highly encourage you to submit a feature request to our public roadmap. This will get your ideas directly in front of our product team.