Dependencies violations finish to finish

We thought there may be a possible defect with dependencies that are set as finish to finish, although it is an intermittent issue so we can not reproduce it. Some of the team has reported that when they set the dependencies as the same date there is a violation that can not be cleared.
Steps to reproduce are:
1 - Create 2 tasks
2 - Link them finish to finish
3 - Pin them
4 - Split and make the end date of the “first” task overlap with the “2nd” task

I never had any violations that could not be cleared as a refresh.

I did get one violation that cleared itself on a screen refresh and it said you are creating a loop by placing the downstream and upstream dependencies.
Newbie question- If you have already set the downstream dependency to the following next task, the dates are the same and it is set to “finish to finish” do you really need to manually set an upstream dependency at all? (this is not the main issue but I was curious about this)

The main issue as I mentioned is that some of the team has reported violations that could not be cleared, if anyone else has experienced this can you post better steps to reproduce or more settings you might have used? Thank you! :slight_smile: