Task Durations Working In Reverse?

Is anyone else having problems with task start date, duration auto-populating in reverse?

I sorted these tasks and applied dependencies start-finish. I set the start date on the top task and then applied a duration of 1 day to every task. But the start date for the downstream tasks applied in reverse with every downstream task starting the day BEFORE.

Hi DJ!

  • Finish-to-Start indicates that the second task in the chain can’t begin until the first task finishes.
  • Start-to-Finish is the opposite, so when the second task in the chain finishes, the first task starts.

Finish-to-Start is the most commonly used dependency method and is likely what you’re looking for. To make the correction to your tasks, select the tasks and right-click > Dependencies > Finish-to-Start. This should fix the issue!

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