Deactivate or Hide Dependency Violation warnings

My team enjoys the convenience of dependencies in templates laying tasks out in sequence, but moving forward would like to edit task dates with reckless abandon, disregarding date dependencies, and not be yelled at by Dependency Violation warnings. I don’t see a way to hide these warnings in settings so I’m assuming this is a feature request.


Hi @llaflotte,

Try using the “pinned” option after you have set your dates with dependancies. It more or less mutes the dependancy feature with having to remove the links

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Oh pinning is in full effect. The request is to turn off all the resulting violation warnings - the red font and the triangles with exclamation points on every task.

Gotcha. Yeah, I think after pinning and straight up deleting the dependancies, your looking at a feature request

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One other option is to use offsets. If you hold alt in the gantt you can drag the task bars and you won’t see the warnings. The dependancy arrow turns blue to indicate the offset. They don’t play well with pinned tasks but might be worth a try

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Offset would be usable if I could add a field/column making offset values visible. But as it stands it’s this invisible thing that you just have to know is in the background. I like the offset concept, but I can’t support using it the way it’s currently implemented. Too janky.

I do appreciate the brainstorming though, Pete!