Publish dependency violation early warning

Hey Folks

Wondering if there is a clever way to set up a field on SG that would serve as a warning for a publish dependency violation. For instance if I have a model publish that happens after a rig publish, I want to tick a box to let users know there’s a potential issue with the asset.

I’ve tried setting up two query fields on the asset level that get the date of the latest publish under the relevant pipeline step. This gets me date A and date B, but I cant use a calculated field to compare them since they are both query fields.

Any ideas appreciated!

Use a Event Daemon/Webhooks?

Post a note to the versions?
Seems like that would be more human-readable.

Or take over the Loader hooks and warn the user when they import the model?

But yes, you cant do calculated fields + query fields.
I think you may need automation here.

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Was thinking of going the event daemon route and doing a post into a teams channel / field update.

More Automation it is then :smiling_imp:

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