Daily event trigger

Is there any way to have a script happen on a daily basis through SG?

I have a custom entity called “Sprint” that I would like to watch the date. When the ‘end date’ passes, any unfinished tasks I would like to move them to the new sprint and close out the old sprint. This should happen when the start/end date migrates between sprints.

That seems like it would fit the language of a event trigger, but it is not a SG event that someone is performing. Is there a more elegant way of doing this without using a cron job or anything machine system dependent?

If some link to these records is touched multiple times a day you could have an event trigger or webhook check for some extra things and esentially only run the main functionality “once a day”.

I.e. webhook run on version changed (any field).

Otherwise I would highly recommend having an on-premise/cloud machine/system for scheduling pipeline related tasks or running this on the cloud.

Maybe ask your IT dep if they have a scheduled task/network scheduler running?

Would it be nice to have in SG? Yes…

But if you run a studio then the odds are you have systems in place that can run scheduled tasks.

In SG a Date field knows when to display”Today” when it reaches that date. Is there anything I can leverage off of under the hood to have that fire off a Python script? My current work-around is to add a checkbox to the Sprint entity for “Current”. When someone checks the box on the first day of the new sprint, that can fire off a trigger. But, I am curious if there is a more automated way of doing this without someone having to remember to check that box.

A lambda/webhook function endpoint that you configure a task manager to hit.
Or just a scheduled task (on the renderfarm perhaps?)

If you use Deadline (free) you can easily have a python job run every day at a specific time.