Event not generated when Time log record is added

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Long time reader, first time poster! Thank you for all the amazing content that you are sharing. It made it possible to get to where I am today.

I am working on automating some of our workflow at the studio and looking into Webhooks.
I noticed a strange behavior when defining a new webhook and configuring the events.
In Webhook configuration, I selected issue type Task and configured as in screenshot:

Both sg_status_list and task_assignees are working as expected,
However adding new time log for time_log_sum - does not trigger any events.
if I navigate to time-logs section and remove the entry - the event is triggered as expected.

So it feels like a bug in the Shotgrid-web, was wondering if this is a known issue and if there is a workaround for it?

I thought about adding a new Entity-trigger,

Then retrieving Project and task that are associated with that and performing required mutations with the value of Duration, this approach does not feel natural and seems like a lot of added overhead of retrieving and linking things just to get to the task/project that is associated with that time log entry.

Appreciate the support!
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Hey @stas.poritskiy welcome to the forum! At first glance this feels like a bug. Can you submit a support ticket please and one of the team will help you out.

Hey Community,
Just quick update regarding this support, in case someone else runs into the similar issues:
I was proposed a workaround to look for a Time Log event
And handle that instead of the original Task update i had in mind.

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