ShotGrid Event Daemon triggered by time?


I’m trying to create an Event Daemon for ShotGrid so that certain fields in the Tasks page update. But the important part is, I want the trigger for that Event Daemon to be for certain time in every 24 hours.

What I mean by this is, for example, I want this Event Daemon to be triggered once every 9 PM local time of every day.

I’ve made quite a bit of Event Daemons so far, but the triggers for all of them were either creation or updates of entities.

Can anyone suggest a way to make Event Daemons trigger when during certain time periods?

Some answers would be appreciated ASAP.


Convert the ED plugin to a straight Python script and just run it on a schedule using cron or Windows Task Scheduler?

So, you mean that there’s no official way in ShotGrid to have the Event Daemons run periodically?

If that’s the case, then since I work on Linux OS, I think I’ll have to search up on how to use cron.

Is there really no other way?

From the docs: “The framework is a daemon process that runs on a server and monitors the Shotgun event stream”
You are looking to run code NOT triggered by a SG event, so it doesn’t make sense to use the Event Daemon

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Alright, then if not an Event Daemon, then does ShotGrid really have no way to periodically check the values in the fields in the entities (such as Shot, Task, or Version) and see if they’re as desired?

Likely the new SG field value validation is done at value entry time, so again triggered by SG activity.
We have scripts/tools that run against SG data periodically, they just run outside the Event Daemon

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this is simply just something you’d schedule a script with any sort of scheduler for.

You could also use something like Deadline to schedule a python job at a specific time of day.