Need help working with Shotgrid?


I’m creating this post to reach out to the Shotgrid community to gauge interest in services and products related to all things Shotgrid development. We are a small group of developers with over half a decade of experience working with Shotgrid in the entertainment industry.

Our services would include pre-built solutions and well as custom development to exactly suit your studio’s needs.

Our first pre-built tool is a totally user-friendly interface to create and deploy automatic event triggers- you would have the choice to host on your network, or we can host and maintain it for you- totally hassle free. With this tool, you’re able to automate any facet of your Shotgrid site without any need to write code whatsoever.

Our goal is enable Shotgrid users to have the freedom and advantages of custom development work without the hefty time investment of learning the api, how to set up the daemon, etc. or alternatively, saving the significant costs of hiring a full time or freelance developer.

If you’re interested, please reach out to or feel free to inquire in this thread.

Thank you!



Would be really nice to not have to worry about hosting a daemon at all, sounds interesting!

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