Daemon Script Settings

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Can we define which projects can be affected using a particular script? Mean to say, if we have a script “shotgunDaemonScript” using which daemons event running is configured, but I want to allow operations performed by the registered plugin to apply to only one project.

Each plugin has a process method you need to define and here you can perform validations or check on the event record that it is passed for the associated project entity before any of the actual heavy lifting of the plugin runs. If you wanted you could call out to an external studio/project configuration file with a mapping between your plugins and projects that you want them to operate within and then continue processing the event our bail out and return early.

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A slightly better way may be the following:

Create a Permission Group for your Script User and disable “See all Projects”

Then in the Script user there is a field called Projects similarly to how Users can be assigned to projects and only see those depending on permissions.

Your script can now only see and act on the projects it is assigned to.

  • Before you do something destructive do test this with something non destructive, but it should work.
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Hey Ricardo,

Thank for this info… it helped me out a lot and now I can have a code testing dummy project and a script_user bind to that particular project… :star_struck:

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