Plugins/Scripts - Project Restriction

I’ve been trying to work out some better tools to test new plugins, to ensure they’re not impacting active projects. I’ve tried following the instructions here: API user permission groups - SG Developer).

However, I’m now running into a situation where my plugins (the ones that come with the original Daemon) are now just backlogging all the events that I don’t want them to see, which I imagine will negatively impact performance.

Before I deep dive into a system that bolsters these exclusions, is there something simple that I’m missing?

Managed to answer my own question: I was also restricting the core daemon from all projects, which was causing the backlog. I needed to only restrict the specific scripts.

Granted, this seems to cause TypeErrors/None Type issues to pop up in the sample plugins, but I can handle those pretty easily.

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You can also spin up a development site instance in the same Autodesk Team.
This will not costs anything extra as extra sites in the same team consume the same licenses.