Customizing the "open in..." action


When I click on the “open in…” button, I get a few options (Publish, Photoshop, Motionbuilder,…). I don’t have the option to open in Nuke. How/where do I configure this ?


Hi @donat,

Shotgun Create is inheriting the software integrations from Shotgun Desktop. You probably don’t configure your integration with Nuke on your Shotgun Desktop. Check first if you have the launch icon of Nuke on your Destkop. If not, you may want to follow the Launching applications and Configuring software launches to first get the launch on your Desktop.

Let us know if it’s not your case.


We are using SG Desktop, and have it configured to launch Nuke, NukeStudio, Maya,… The items present inside the ‘open in…’ menu in SG Create are not the same as the ones in SG Desktop. We are working in a custom config, mostly based on the tk-config-default2


Hi @donat,

Do you have an entry for tk-desktop2 in your custom config with the entries required to launch nuke?

Shotgun Desktop use the tk-desktop engine and Shotgun Create use tk-desktop2.


Hi @geffrak,

I looked into the tk-config-default2 and found how to do it. I was wondering how can I group DCCs when I have multiple versions of them.

Hey @donat,

First, sorry for the late reply.

This is awesome that you are now able to have your DCCs in Shotgun Create!

We do have a grouping mechanism in Shotgun Create, but I can sadly see that it’s not working in your case…

I will go fetch some help and come back at you.



It looks like what you are seeing is expected and there’s a task in our backlog to extend our grouping mechanism to the DCCs.

Thanks for the info