CSV Import to Note - Tasks Field


I’m in the middle of data migration between different SG projects, and I had some difficulty setting the value to Tasks field in Note entity.

When I import CSV to update Tasks field, I want the tasks linked to the entity in Links field automatically detected. Instead I always get “Invalid Entity” error so I have to manually find the matching task from the list, and the list does not always show everything either if there are a lot of tasks. The same thing happens when manually adding a value by double clicking on the field.

For example, in the attached images, I want “LO_mobu” linked to the asset “testA” not those linked to other assets.

It would be nice if there’s an easy way to achieve this.

Thank you,


Thanks for raising this Yu- we do this already for Versions, so it might be possible with Notes as well. Let me see what we can do.


Wanted to follow up on this. Is there a better way to bring notes in via csv while linking to tasks? Maybe we could import Shots/tasks/versions with a “Notes” field instead?