Create Client Notes via Bulk Imports

Hi ShotGrid Community,

As you may know, when creating a Note via the ShotGrid form, you can check the Client Note field to make it a Client Note. However, when bulk importing Notes via CSV, you don’t have the ability to create them as Client Note.

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This is a known bug, but low priority as few people have asked for it to be fixed.
I’m posting here with the hope that others may want to ask Autodesk to fix this little bug.


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I would add that it would be nice if it also considered the “Client Code” field as a link field so that if you get notes back from your client referencing the “Client Code” / Client Version name they will still link up automagically.

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This would be great, indeed!
About the first feature, the ability to check the Client Note field via the API would be great to!

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Is it not possible via api?