Looking to Batch Import Notes with Attachements from an external folder


I’m working on an excel to be able to import all my director briefs as Notes in Shotgrid using the bulk importer for Notes.
Here are my existing columns:

  • Link (Shotcode)
  • Subject
  • Body
  • Attachement
  • To
  • Type
  • Status

It all seems to be working fine except for to errors following the batch import I can’t seem to be able to work around:

  • I can’t seem to be able to create more than one note per link (shot), as it marks the following error at STage 3 (I’m using the link as ID):
    52 Note rows in the import data are duplicates of 36 new Note rows. The duplicates won’t be imported, even if you modify their data.
  • More importantly, My ‘Attachement’ column is arr errors (as there is no option to point to an external folder to link up the file names I’ve entered)
    As a note, I can’t use the thumbnail function as I have more than one image per note.

Any ideas ? Thanks !!

I think it’s because you’re using the Link as identifier, so each links needs to be used only once.
You should use Body as identifier to identify each note separately.