Consistent URL for downloading all versions?

To automate download and installation of apps (a constant struggle in a facility dealing with hundreds of apps from dozens of vendors), I have some Python code which takes a simple YAML file config and gets specific versions of apps for vendors where the URLs aren’t protected behind a login. Before the old Tweak Software web site was deprecated, that looked like:

file: rv-mac-Intel_64-{}.dmg
file: rv-win64-x86-64-{}.zip
file: rv-centos7-x86-64-{}.tar.gz

so “ Tweak RV 7.9.2” would do the trick, and after a few minutes I would have the installers. With the website revamp, the “Current” versions (so 2021.x.x) live in:

and previous versions live in:

which is tricky to automate, since now I have to build into the code the notion of a “current release family” based on the assumption of the current release year… So the ask is: could there be a “All_Release” URL that could make it possible to get to every release, regardless of whether it is considered “Current” or “Previous”?

Still, I wish it was this straightforward to download simple zip/tgz installers for every M&E app, so thank you for that!


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No idea if this is the “right” way to do it but by trial and error I just found the following link works and gives you the ability to switch out the version:

It also worked for older versions

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