Download URL for a specific RV version

Hi, community!
Is there any way to get a download URL for a specific RV version? For Example I want to have the “2021.0.1” Version
Downloading the “Current” or “Previous” version is not the way I want to deploy this software :confused:

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Ok, after looong trial and error I’ve found few URLs, which work for me. Huge help was this thread.

There are actually 2 URLS - one for the current releases, and one for previous ones. As far as I can understand - 2022 == current, 2021 == previous. Here are my URLs (for windows):

I hope it this could help someone :smiley:

In case there are another nerds trying to deploy RV via REZ here is my rezbuild python3 script which downloads and extracts the archive (as mentioned above - it’s for Windows folks :slight_smile:):

import ssl
import urllib.request

import shutil
import sys

from os import environ
from os.path import join
from zipfile import ZipFile

def build(source_path, build_path, install_path, targets):
    # Package version
    _version = environ["REZ_BUILD_PROJECT_VERSION"]

    # Download URL
    src_url = f'' \

    # Download target zip file
    src_zip = join(build_path, '')

    # Extracted folder
    zip_extracted = join(build_path, f'rv-win64-x86-64-{_version}')

    # Workaround to ensure downloading via HTTPS
    ssl._create_default_https_context = ssl._create_unverified_context

    # Download source file
    print(f'[+] Downloading: {src_url}')
    urllib.request.urlretrieve(src_url, src_zip)

    # Extract files
    with ZipFile(src_zip, 'r') as archive:
        print(f'[+] Extracting: {src_zip}')

    if 'install' in targets:
        # Copy source
        print(f'[+] Copy source files from: {zip_extracted}')
        shutil.copytree(zip_extracted, join(install_path, 'src'))

if __name__ == '__main__':

Looks like the base URLs have changed, they used to be:

which apparently still work, but the URLs under the domain seem potentially more robust.

I still wish:

  • there wasn’t an arbitrary distinction between Current_Release and Previous_Release exposed in the download path, which requires additional logic in a download script to figure out (reliably?) the path to use to download a specific release
  • there was a way to programmatically figure out the latest release / available releases that doesn’t involve screen scraping the downloads page at ShotGrid | RV Download
  • there was an RSS feed announcing all M&E product releases to trigger auto download of new versions


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I think this cryptic download URLs are on purpose. As many things at Autodesk - to make our lifes horrible :smiley: There is nothing else which would explain those URLs in my opinion :smiley: