Connection Reset by Peer


We’ve been experiencing a lot of “Connection Reset by Peer” and other flavors of connection errors when trying to upload/download from ShotGrid since last Friday.
Are others affected too? It’s becoming really hard to work normally with ShotGrid.


Seen no change over here, with plenty of API uploads and user/gui reviews. Sydney AWS data center, Queensland clients (Australia).

I have seen this before. The last time I saw it, I was uploading qt movies to SG faster than they could consume it ( approximately 500+ movies per minute). We have a fast pipe and I was busy migrating resources from an older SG instance to a newer one. Anyhow, I think AWS and ADSK thought this was a DOS attack and they severed our connections. I have also seen this before when threading commands to SG with to many concurrent connections. This was back when ADSK had a strong support team and active channels to the community and their users. They reached out, I assured them this was not an attack and as a result I throttled down our uploads and the issue was resolved. I am not sure how to advise you to get an answer on this. Certainly make a ticket. Then hand the ticket over to you territory manager and ask them to escalate the issue.