Communicate from tk-shotgun to another engine (tk-houdini)

How could an action from tk-shotgun find and communicate to another running engine? I want to perform operations in a running Houdini once the user does something in ShotGrid web.
I suppose that is possible? Ideally even, tk-houdini will itself be able to register commands through tk-shotgun.

From a quick look, it does not seem like there is a solution short of socket communication. So I guess the solution would be

  • app for tk-houdini to open a socket
  • app for tk-shotgun that registers and handles the commands from Web, calling the socket in Houdini.

Does this make sense? Are there any ShotGrid utilities to use, e.g. for RPC? I have some vague memory there might be a ShotGrid wrapper for it.

Edit: is tk-framework-desktopserver made for this purpose?