Client Review Site: Share with Group?

I am confused by a seeming conflict between the user guide and reality.

User Guide:

Inviting people

When you’re satisfied with the preview and ready to send, click on the “Invite People” button. Type the name or email address of the person you want to share the Playlist with. You can share with your Client Users and traditional Shotgun accounts as well as any Groups you have on your site. The Recipient field will automatically remember those who you share with most frequently—providing quick access to those users without having the manage groups.

I can’t enter a group name into the share field under the “Invite People/Share Playlist/Add recipients” dialog. Only individual user names are recognized.

I suspect I am missing something obvious but searching the user guides and this forum haven’t turned up anything about putting a group name into this text entry field as the user guide suggests should be possible.

I am trying to share across a large group of internal users (across projects) and do not want to have to enter in all those names each time (nor do I need the invite emails, just a link but that’s another issue I suppose).


Hi Rob!

Sorry for the troubles. You should only have to start typing in the Group name for it to appear:

Screen Shot 2020-02-10 at 10.04.55 am

If you’re still having troubles, could you please submit a ticket to with your site URL?



I’ll submit a ticket, but I experimented with multiple playlists from multiple projects with multiple known groups and no group was ever auto-suggested/found.

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It looks like the documentation isn’t super clear on this point, sorry about that! You cannot share a playlist with a Group entity, only regular Shotgun users and Client users.

What the Client Review Site will do is remember the list of people you’ve invited previously. So if you were to Invite Client Users A, B, C, D, E, and F to view a playlist, the next time you went to share a new Playlist and began to type in “Clint User A”, you’ll get an auto-complete suggestion to either add that user, or the list (A-F) with whom you’ve shared previously.

Let me know if that helps explain the behavior, and we’ll work on making the documentation more clear.


Thanks! I feel less crazy now. :wink:

As an edu user, I tend to want to use Shotgun in non-standard ways. Mostly this centers around wanting to have, on a single server, multiple teams working on multiple projects and allow everyone to see and comment, but not necessarily edit outside their assigned projects. I had hoped the client review site would assist in some part of that but currently I just allow everyone to see everything and cross my fingers they don’t break other people’s projects as they learn the system. :wink:

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Hi @brandon.foster, @reml,

We feel like we are missing this ability aswell. As it happens quite often that we need to send playlists to a simular list but slightly diffrent it gets confusing to go through the recent options.

Say for example the animatics go out to client: A, B, C, D, F and G
But then the finished shots go out to: A, B, C, D, E and F

And other case we often bump into is that extra client users get added during a project. Once the list gets to long you kind of get problems tracking this.

Therefor it would be very helpful if you would be able to address groups in this field.
This would also involve needing a group field on the client users.


Hey Bert,

Definitely agree that would help cut down on the confusion. I’d recommend submitting your idea directly to our product team so they can take it into consideration.

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