Client review Site - Client user with playlist admin privileges

Hi team,

We have a client that has a team of 6 people using the Client Review Site and they need have a “supper client user” that can delete comments from other users in the playlist.

What is the best way to do this without creating a new shotgun user?

Thank you


Hi Bruno,

Thanks for your question, and welcome to the forums! Client Users just have one permission level, currently. There isn’t a way to give one user more or fewer privileges. For the time being you’d need to have one of your regular Shotgun users serve as a moderator of sorts who can delete any necessary comments.

I’d recommend suggesting your feature idea directly to our product team.


Hi Brandon,

Thank you for the quick reply. If I create a shotgun user just for that is there a way that that user can only see any work related to that client/project? If so how is that configured?

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When configuring the permission group, in the Advanced section you’ll find “See Assigned Projects Only” as an option. With that enabled, users in that permission group won’t be able to see a Project, or its contents, without being explicitly added to that Project (e.g. putting that Project in the Projects field for that user on the People page).