Change status from the overview page? +sorting, grouping and more

Hi, on the overview, where you see all your tasks, I would love it if it was possible to click the little status icon on the bottom-right corner, and get a status menu pop up so I can change status without having to enter the task view. Or, if it’s easier, add the status menu to the triple-dot menu below “Open in…” perhaps.

Preferably I’d like to select multiple tasks and apply the same status at once, but selecting doesn’t seem to be a thing in Create so I’m not sure if that’s possible.

I find myself going into SG main site all the time when managing simple things like this, so SG Create still lives in this limbo between being potentially useful but not really replacing neither SG Desktop nor the website.

I also desperately need a quicker way to change sorting and grouping, and being able to sort on multiple criteria like “first sort on sequence, then on date” and that sort of thing. It definitely should be a localized setting within the Create window, not a global setting you can only set as an admin. I also need a filter search box so I can find specific tasks by name and type, and remove the others from view temporarily.

I can’t be the only one, I’m actually a bit surprised that none of these things have evolved since SG Create frist was released.