Centralized config does not download config_app from sg/git/githu_release


I had to put the hands on a centralized config project. (I am use to work with distributed configs)
I wanted to swap the apps in config_apps.yml of type path to type github_release or shotgun (I have tried both) for a better tracking.

type: github_release
organization: my_organization
epository: test-app
version: v0.1.1
private: true"""

for the private key I have set up the env variable SG_GITHUB_TOKEN_{my_oranization} with my token

type: shotgun
entity_type: CustomNonProjectEntity02
id: 1
field: sg_uploaded_app
version: 181485"""

Unfortunately after reloading the configuration the app are not downloaded (on the console there is not even debug logger about it)
The only time the app are working correctly is when they are declared as type path.

Am I doing something wrong or missing some specific setting to be able to downloaded into the bundle_cache ?

Thank you in advance

Could you try running
./tank cache_apps
when you configure for github/whatever?

I don’t know how I totally forgot about it…

Thank you so much @mmoshev !!