Tank push_configurations not downloading frameworks

Hi when pushing a configuration, tank downloads all apps and engines required by the new config, but not the frameworks, after the push I have to go inside the new config and do a cache_apps for them to be downloaded.

Is this a bug or is expected behavior ?

I also noticed that push_configurations does not update the core either…

So my normal workflow right now when pushing, is before a push do a core update, then push, then cache_apps

It would be handy if push_configurations had a flag to update the core, and to download the frameworks too.



Hi @macbeth, I just tried this on my side and can confirm the same behaviour, I’m sorry about that!
I’m bringing it up with the team, as we have had a similarish issue previously and it was marked as won’t fix.

The push_configuration command is old, and most of our efforts going forward are on distributed configs. So this might be the reason we marked it as won’t fix, but I’ll try and get some clarification.

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Indeed I see a lot of power in the distributed config workflow, is just I’m very use to the old workflow, (just moved to tk-config-2) if you telling me this will be the new official way, I’ll give it a try in my next core update. I also use the terminal a lot so I feel comfy using tank as yum.

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To confirm we are not officially abandoning the centralized setup, but certainly, the push_configuration command is a convenience method, so that also may have played into the decision, but this is just speculation on my part.
There are certain operations that are just easier to run on the centralized config than with a distribute config, due to distributed config’s not really having a tank command, so I can certainly understand why you would prefer that approach.

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Thanks a lot for your info, I will give it a try to distributed confs.