Cannot open the shot page from iPad/iPhone. Bug start 8/20

We have been using the Shotgun/Shotgrid for a year from iPad.
But today, the shot pages are stop accepting from iPad or iPhone.
Is anyone have same issue?

Is iPad OS 14.7.1 has a problem?
My iPad Pro with iPad OS 14.6 works fine, but other iPads with 14.7.1 don’t.

Hi Dicekay,

I have been using SG on iPad for a long time as well. Apart from the interface issues that have been there for years now I have not been experiencing any new issues like loading shot pages.

I am running the beta iOS 15 here which seems to have fixed the Overlay player issue!


Hello, BertST

The problem was occurred only the day.
I have no idea what happened.
Multiple users experienced same issue that day.

It is exciting news that iOS 15 fixes the overlay player issue!