Can I update a bunch of records all at once?

Bulk editing

Bulk editing can be done just about anywhere in Shotgun where you have a list of things. When you right-click on an item, such as an Asset, you will see the context menu with a handful of options.


One application of bulk editing that can be really useful when you are first setting up :shotgun: is making changes to a bunch of Tasks all at once. Inevitably there comes a moment when you get your Task Templates dialed in and apply them to a bunch of Shots or Assets you have created, and as you watch all those hundreds or thousands of pristine new Tasks populate, you realize you need to tweak one of your Task Names. :dizzy_face:

You can delete all of the 1000’s of Tasks you just made, then clear out the Task Template and re-apply it - but that feels like overkill, right? Instead, just filter for the Tasks you want to update, right-click on the Task Name column and choose “Edit Task Name on selected.”


Of course you would want to make the same change in your Task Templates as well, to make sure any newly-created entity records get the latest & greatest. :beers: