Calculated Field: Calendar Exceptions

I’m trying to create a calculated field that tells me the number of working days in a Phase. My current formula is:


Which tells me the total number of real days between the start date and end date, as it should.
I’d like to subtract all non-working days (weekends, Exceptions) specified for the appropriate Project in Work Schedules.

Does anyone have a solution for this?

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I’m not sure about creating a dedicated calculated field so I’ll leave that to others, but in the meantime you could just create a task that spans your phase length (start date/due date). It will automatically give you a duration summary that doesn’t include non-working days.

Thanks Pete! I’m specifically trying to make something that lets me quickly assess length in the Project Timeline App, so this won’t work for my purposes, but is a good work around otherwise. :slight_smile:

I’m trying to do something similar, Eli. I want to calculate the number of “working days left” on a Task and simply subtracting the end date from the start date only gives you the raw delta which includes non-working days.

@brandon.foster & @eli - Just wondering if you found a work around/solution to this?