Bootstrap error: "Requesting password in a dialog"

Hi, during bootstrap, how do I programmatically bypass the interactive authentication once my credentials are out of date. For jobs that users run on the farm, this will prob trip them up. Please see error below:

[DEBUG sgtk.core.bootstrap.manager] Bootstrapping engine tk-maya.
[DEBUG sgtk.core.bootstrap.manager] -----------------------------------------------------------------
[DEBUG sgtk.core.bootstrap.manager] Progress Report (0%): Resolving project...
[DEBUG sgtk.core.bootstrap.manager] Default progress callback (0.0): Resolving project...
[DEBUG sgtk.core.authentication.shotgun_wrapper] Authentication failure.
[DEBUG sgtk.core.authentication.session_cache] Loading 'C:\Users\west\AppData\Roaming\Shotgun\brud\authentication.yml'
[DEBUG sgtk.core.authentication.interactive_authentication] Credentials were out of date, renewing them.
[DEBUG sgtk.core.authentication.interactive_authentication] About to take the authentication lock.
[DEBUG sgtk.core.authentication.interactive_authentication] Took the authentication lock.
[DEBUG sgtk.core.authentication.interactive_authentication] Not authenticated, requesting user input.
[DEBUG sgtk.core.authentication.ui_authentication] Requesting password in a dialog.
QWidget: Cannot create a QWidget without QApplication

Hi @Nik

I would suggest not using user credentials personally and using script authentication instead.


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If I use script authentication, is it still possible to publish as the user from maya via toolkit?

Yes, just get their HumanUser entity, and set it in the created_by field of the publish.