Please up-vote… Managing Banners

Doug MacMillan Today at 11:40 Pending approval

The most important reason to make a banner un-dismissable would be so that you help users entering valuable production data into STAGING, or worse, modifying PRODUCTION server thinking it was staging.

Hoping that using this nice new system for blatant up-vote advertising isn’t frowned upon?

Otherwise, let’s see if we can get the up-votes up in to the thousands…


Hey @dougm! This thread has an overview of how feature requests can be submitted directly to our product team via our roadmap portal.

Discussion here and other places is welcome and will be escalated by me and other community Shotgunners, but official requests should be directed to the roadmap portal.

Additionally, we know the the feature request loop hasn’t be super awesome. We’re internally discussing how to address this, are soliciting feedback in the thread I mentioned above, and will share with the community for feedback.

Hope to have an update for you and others on this front in the not-to-distant future. Till then, the roadmap portal is your best avenue.

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P.S. - I would have greatly liked an un-dismissible banner for our staging site back at that studio we worked at together. You’ve got my vote.

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Where can I add my vote? The very first link doesn’t work for me. I don’t have the permissions to access the page.

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I believe that you’d have to first log into Shotgun Support

and then this link will work

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No access. :frowning:

Hey @dougm and @christian.deissfriendly reminder on my reply above about feature requests and submitting them directly to the product roadmap portal. We’re not tracking votes on comments on ZD documentation.

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Thanks for the feedback on this. We’re looking to do some updates to the banners soon, so we’ll keep this in mind.


Good news! We’re currently working on the redesign of the banners, including the dismissable option. If all goes well, it should go out soon :slight_smile:


A new “dimissable” property is available for banners as of Shotgun v8.7


Thanks! Works like a charm.

I’ve noticed a small error in the documentation after testing this new feature…

The truthy value for “dismissable” must be supplied as a string.
eg. the banner JSON file needs quotes around “false”…

"code": ". . . . .",
"banner": {
    . . . . 
    "dismissable": "false",

This is the error produced if you do it like in the docs:

$ rake sg:banner:add[/home/shotgun/banners/dev.json]
creating new banner with code (dev_banner_non_dis)
rake aborted!
ERROR: value for dismissable must be a string
. . .

The error is on this page


Oof! Thanks for the heads up. That looks like an oversight- it probably should be boolean. Let me check and see what the best way forward is.

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Just to close the loop on this, it is supposed to be a string, so we’ve updated the documentation now. Sorry for the confusion!