AWS S3, max size?

I tried to find the answer to this question in the official guide, but alas.
Help me understand. If I have at least 4TB each project, how do I know when to stop?
I have serious doubts that Autodesk will allow me to expand indefinitely.


ShotGrid cloud storage is based on fair usage principles, the s3 bucket is meant to hold images and playable media and other “small” files that are needed to run ShotGrid and its functionalities.

It’s not really meant as a storage location for your Project files.

Are you just starting out with ShotGrid?
Because I think its a common misconception that it stores your project files in the cloud which it does not.

ShotGrid Toolkit can read data from ShotGrid to help you create/manage and locate filesystem structures and files on disk.
But the files will still exist on your local/shared storage.