Assign Pipeline Steps to the Episode Entity?

I was wondering if anyone has been able to assign pipeline steps to the Episode entity within Shotgrid; when I try to create a new pipeline step, Episode seems to be one of the few entities I can’t choose to apply steps to (presumably because it doesn’t seem like you can assign tasks to them, at least by default).

The goal is to create a simplified progress tracker, per episode, per department, so I can see the status of storyboards (the status, original end dates, actual end dates, etc…), and other parallel departments, on the episodes tab.

I have tried to link to the asset/shot pipeline steps through the Episode Entity to get a summary, but that doesn’t seem to return the results I’m looking for, and it would be useful to get more than just a percent complete.

Have you enabled tasks on the Episode entity in the entity site settings?

Ahh, of course. I should have caught that. I think my searches were too specific, so it didn’t pull in any reminders about the site settings.

Thank you!!

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