Why I Cannot Add Pipeline Steps on the Pipeline Steps page

Might be a simple question, but a bit tricky for newbies. Why can’t I add pipeline steps on the Pipeline Steps page?


Admins can view and manage steps via the Pipeline Steps page, located under the Admin menu.

From the Pipeline Steps page, you can see all existing steps for all enabled entities. You can also add additional fields to steps. Any fields you add will only be visible in the Pipeline Steps page.

By default, you cannot create or delete Pipeline Steps from this page.

To configure Pipeline Steps, first head to the Entity you want to edit. For example, to configure the Shots pipeline, go to a Shots page (it can be any Shots page), and then look for the Pipeline button in the toolbar. If there is no Pipeline button, then as an Admin you will have to enable Tasks for Shots via Site Preferences.

Clicking on the Pipeline button will display the existing Shot Pipeline Steps.

Managing the Steps dialog

By selecting the Manage Shot Pipeline item you can create, modify, and even delete Shot steps.

Adding Pipeline Steps

Select “Add a new step” to add a step. Each time you do this, a new dialog will appear, where you can specify the basic information for the Step you want to create.

Each entity has one set of Pipeline Steps, but steps can be hidden in projects where they’re not needed. When you create a new Step, you can choose whether to immediately use that Step in all projects or just the current project.

Once you have all of your Pipeline Steps created, you’ll be ready to use them as you create and edit Tasks.

Deleting Pipeline Steps

Admins can delete Pipeline Steps from the Manage Steps dialog. Locate the Step you’d like to delete, select the trash icon next to it, and then click “Send Step to Trash.”

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