Get list of Shot Steps

I for some reason cannot figure out how to get Pipeline Step using the python API. I have no issues finding shots, sequences and Versions. I read that they are an Entity so I tried:

steps = self._sg.find(“Step”, [[‘project’, ‘is’, self.project]])

The error is:
shotgun_api3.shotgun.Fault: API read() Step.project doesn’t exist:
“values”=>[{“type”=>“Project”, “id”=>122}]}

Can someone point me in the direction of getting Steps? Specifically I’ll be looking for a list of all available Shot Steps.

Thank you.

Ok. I found a solution.

steps = self._sg.find(‘Step’, [[‘entity_type’, ‘is’, ‘Shot’]], [‘short_name’, ‘code’, ‘entity_type’])

This provides me with enough info to get what I need.

Yeah Steps are not related to projects, as you found out.
Why need a filter at all? Just sg.find("Step", []) would suffice.

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