Any way to further adjust date format for graphs in Shotgun?

I’ve been getting requests from our executive/producing team to change the way dates are formatted in graphs in Shotgun. As an example, we use weekly capacity and variance timelogs to do forecasting. If I set the graph to “timeline” view then the dates are formatted so they are readable but it leaves a bunch of empty space since it’s trying to keep the relative timeline consistent. It also doesn’t show me the actual dates of these logs but instead just gives an approximate sense:

I get a visually nicer graph if I instead sort by value ascending but then the dates are formatted in full text and they get truncated to the point where they are barely readable:

If I group the columns by “Exact Value” instead of by “Week” it formats the dates nicely but this doesn’t work for all of our graphs because some have entries on different days through the week and we really just want them grouped by week.

Thanks for your help!

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I think you can just change the way dates display in the Site Preferences - are you an admin on your site? If not, one of them would have to do it, but that’d probably take care of your problem.


Unfortunately, that does not solve the problem. When setting a graph to group by week (or other date range) it still formats the date in long form.

Well that is unfortunate and annoying! Sorry to hear that didn’t take care of it.

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There is a bug already logged. We’re tracking this internally as SG-5423.