Any ideas for options to mimic reaction emojis in Slack?

Hey everyone!

Like many places, our office uses Slack for communication and one of the conventions we’ve gotten used to is indicating we’ve seen a message by popping an emoji reaction on there (i.e., the check mark or something similar). Has anyone here worked out something like that for Notes in Shotgun? Obviously on reviewed versions and things of that nature you can change the status on the version, so this would be more like an acknowledgment that everyone on the team had seen a note that’s relevant, without having to reply to the note and spam everyone’s Inbox with updated notifications that say nothing more than “I’ve seen this.”


Hi @jlweiss, thanks for the post. We :heart: emojis here at :shotgun: as well, so :clap: this request. If you haven’t already, it would be great to share your use case with our Product team directly by submitting an idea on our roadmap page.

A couple of workarounds come to mind - you could use a Tags field, and have people tag the post with their name to show they’ve read the note. This would probably be the simplest, though not as fun as :partying_face:

Another approach could be to use markdown formatting to make lists of people who need to weigh in, with checkboxes next to them. Then someone can just edit the Note description (permissions allowing) and add an “x” by their name to indicate that it is done. A few more clicks involved with this approach, but it looks neat.


Here’s what the markdown looks like when editing:


Hope that helps. Would love to hear any other ideas people have for lightweight ways to approach this question.


Ooh - I like the markdown look but that’s going to get kinda tedious I think? Seems like the tag option is simpler, so I might try that first. And I’ll add to roadmap also!


I don’t know if this’ll read across platforms but I was happy to discover I could add an emoji to a tag. :rofl:!
emoji tag


:heart_eyes: I didn’t know that @jlweiss ! Thanks for the tip!

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You’re welcome! Obviously you’ll need a :face_vomiting: and a :smiley:, depending on your reaction to the post. Also, for the record, I made a separate tag field specifically for this on Notes so it would be separate from “regular” tags and I could put it in the widget on the Inbox view.


There’s no way anything else could top this discovery on #forum-friday. Good show, @jlweiss! You win everything.


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aw, thanks!