How to tag users in a review note?

Is there any way to tag users in a review note created through Create App? I don’t see any option of ‘To’ or ‘CC’ fields like the web version.




It’s not a supported feature yet, but it’s a request we already had. @dennis might give a more precise answer than me on this topic.



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It’s not possible right now (although we do want to support it eventually), but everyone in the Assigned to and Reviewer fields (“Members” in the info panel) will be notified of any new notes or versions on the task.


Thanks for the quick replies you both!

The problem is when people want to involve someone who is not working on the task or is a task reviewer. Like tagging someone from another team for a question. We’ll make it work for now but this feature would be much appreciated :slight_smile:


Just wanted to pop in and give this feature request a +1. Having a ‘To’ or ‘CC’ field would be very useful. As far I can see we don’t have it in Shotgrid Create Version 2021.6.8.


We are currently working on automatically filling the To field when sending a new note based on the artists and reviewers.

If the user submitting the note is the artist, the To field will be filled with the reviewer(s) name(s).
If the user submitting the note is the reviewer, the To field will be filled with the artist(s) name(s).

If the assignee is a group, in both cases, it will set the To field with all the members of the group.

Hope this will help and stay tuned !