Annotations In Stack Mode


Loving the speed updates in the latest RV. Makes things a lot quicker, thanks!

Was wondering if there is ANY stack mode which allows annotations?

It’s often important to compare an output to the original scan to see differences. Such as comparing the key edge on a comp against the scan. It is very frustrating that I then can’t annotate on that comp as a note (such as circling edge areas needing improvement) and send to shotgun. I need to come out of stack mode and then find the frame and area again and then annotate. Repeat this step for every single note. Not very efficient.

Is there a stack mode which allow this? If I am comparing one output to another it seems sensible to allow this. I can understnd how this can get tricky for any overlay situations but not for one whole image to another, cycling in stack mode.

Appreciate the help, thanks,


Hi @keggers,

Thanks for posting in community! May I ask how you enter stack mode in RV? It seems I could annotate on stack comp with annotations on top of the stacked frame. See below the gif and let me if it’s something you are looking for.



Hey Ben,

You’re right! Nice to see the problem already sorted. I neglected to check the problem still existed in the latest version before logging this. thank you!


No worries, at all. Glad we solved it proactively. Hahah…