Annotation:StoreOnSrc option

I want to use ’Annotation.StoreOnSrc’ setting (Annotation->Configure->Draw On Source When Possible) to store the annotation info to the first source node.
However, when I add an annotation at stack mode, the annotation info is still stored in the stack node even though I set the StoreOnSrc option.

When I see ‘`, I think the line #229 should check “if (sourcePaintCount < 1)”

(Or maybe you can simply with checking _currentNodeInfo is nil, instead using sourcePaintCount.)

Otherwise the first item in infos (which is the RVPaint node for the current stack, in my case) is set to _currentNodeInfo and _currentNode.

I am testing with RV2022.3.1, but I also checked with RV2023.0.1: the logic is the same.

What do you think?

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