Anamorphic Workflow in Shotgun

Hi! Is there any current workflow to work with anamorphic project in shotgun, I mean visualizing unsqueezed versions and thumbnails in shotgun web while publishing squeezed footage.

I know RV can handle this pretty good, but what About web or Shotgun Create?

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Hi There,

Thanks for writing in, I’ll be happy to help out here.

There isn’t any specific workflow in Shotgun or Create that would handle this kind of footage. The review tools in both apps simple take quicktimes / frames as input and play them back in their native format.

So in your example, you could still publish squeezed files, but you’d need to ensure that the quicktime that gets generated and sent to Shotgun is unsqueezed, since it won’t be doing any reformatting in the web players or Create.

Hope that helps clarify, but if you have any further questions don’t hesitate to give us a shout.


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