Add storage drive to SG while some users don't have access to drive

Q: How do we add a new network drive to Shotgun while some users may not have access to that drive?

Context: I am planning to bring other departments, besides animation, under Shotgun workflow; for example Online Editor, and sound editors. However, while all users have access to our Primary production network drives, most of the team do not have access to some drives, in this case, most animators or asset artists don’t have access to the Editorial drives.

We have added the new storage drives to Shotgun Site Preferences, created separate Schema’s for each new drive (with different folder structures), and added the drives to the proper YAMLs. When I create a new shot in Shotgun web and run Create Folders, everything works smoothly. However, if a modeler or Comp artist tries to run Maya or Nuke in SG Desktop, the DCC does not load and Shotgun errors because the artist doesn’t have access to the Editorial network drive.

What I am not sure about is why would SG Desktop validates user’s access to network drives if the DCC does not need the folders under that drive. F.e under the Editorial drive Schema, there is no folder structure for Maya.

Is there any way to solve this problem without giving access to all drives to all users?


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Copy the core hook to the core/hooks folder and put the code between a try/except statement.

That’s the simplest way for this to work.

You will have to deal with error catching though.

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Hi Ricardo,

If I understand it well, the core hook handles the creation of folders and their permissions. Can it help with users who do not have access to a network drive where the created folders are located?

Let me explain the problem I’m trying to solve:
We have two network drives, N and U. N drive is used by Maya artists. But U drive is only used by the editorial team (This is an IT security issue. Users don’t have access to drives that they don’t need. For example, an animator does not have access to the Editorial or Marketing network drives, but I still want to bring all departments into SG for better tracking.)

As an admin, I can create folders, which based on the schema are created on both N and U. This brings consistency of folder structures for both Maya artists on N and the Editorial team on U drive. However when a Maya user tries to open Maya inside SG Desktop because the project’s config has U-drive implemented (eg. roots.yml has an entry for U-drive), the Maya user who doesn’t have access to U-drive receives an error, and cant’ open Maya.

I hope this explained the issue better.


yes this will fix that issue for you.
It basically just ignores the error and continues, however you would do well to catch the error and make sure it’s not a different issue.