8.47 Release Notes

Release date: February 14, 2023 ET

We released the following updates since 8.46:


Analyze Page Performance :tada:

As an Admin, you now have the ability to analyze and optimize Page performance components on grid type Pages. [SG-29711]


To learn more, visit What’s New here.

We have added support for expressions in search requests when using Quick Search :tada:

ShotGrid Pages now have Quick Search capabilities that support expressions (AND, OR, NOT, (), "") in search requests. [ACME-8373]


To learn more, visit What’s New here.

Page - Grid View

  • Page loading optimization: Pages with a very large amount of complex widget and/or grid columns are now better supported. [SG-28701]

Bug fixes:

Canvas Page Widgets

  • Fixed a regression where adding a Start Date to a Status History Graph displaying the Project Timeline Range area would not work. [SG-29470]

Fields (Reporting)

  • Fixed an issue where column summaries were not displaying on all grouping levels. [SG-27648]

Filter Panel

  • Fixed an issue where applying an “is empty” page filter to a Pipeline Step would cause a page to not load. [SG-28657]

Page Design

  • Fixed an issue where a background color change would not be saved on a threaded entity’s detail page [SG-29291]


  • Fixed a bug that allowed users to add a playlist to a playlist from the context menu. [SG-29223]

Review Notes App

  • Fixed a bug that would revert the Author field to the original Author after updating the field and publishing the Note in the Review Notes App. [SG-25941]


  • Permanently fixed a Webhooks bug where not all Webhook events were delivered for some larger imports. More specifically, events would fail to be delivered when multiple simultaneous transactions generated interleaved sequences of events. [SG-29040]
  • Fixed the Webhooks “test_connection” date format so it is consistent with the Webhooks date format. [SG-28324]
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Bug fix:


  • The list of users for “Notify when unstable” is now sorted in the Webhooks interface. [SG-24987] (Wednesday February 22, 2023 ET)

Bug fix:


  • Fixed an error that occurred when using advanced grouping with multi-entity type fields. [SG-29186]
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Bug fixes:

Page Design Mode

  • Fixed a bug where the Fields Widget was not editable on a Ticket entity detail page through Design Page Mode. [SG-29722]

Python API

  • Fixed an issue where Tasks could be assigned to an APIUser when they should only have be assigned to HumanUsers. [SG-23185]