8.37 Release Notes

Release date: April 26, 2022

We released the following updates since 8.36:


  • Enabled support for Status List fields for Calculated fields by default on local installs. [SG-24634]
  • Intercom integration has been removed. [SG-26320]
  • Improved performance on duplicating and editing a rows in ShotGrid. [SG-26658]
  • Improved security of cookies set by ShotGrid. [SG-26710]

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue where Task Entity type query fields on a Task Template page would display the Task count but would not list them in the detailed pop-up window. [SG-25039]
  • Fixed an issue where date fields values were not correctly imported in some cases. [SG-25604]
  • Made Delivery entity detail pages configurable per project. [SG-6058]
  • Fixed an issue where groupings were not saved in the graph source grid. [SG-25349]
  • Fixed a regression where menu overlays were being overlapped by the navigation panel and removed an issue relating to the horizontal scroll bar. [SG-26530]
  • Fixed a consistency issue where transcoding time would impact where attachments were organized in note replies. [SG-23381]
  • Fixed chronological note replies sort when exporting data to csv. (SG-26309)
  • Row duplication operation now takes less time to perform
    Editing operation on duplicated row now takes less time to perform [SG-26658] (Tuesday April 26, 2022)


  • Added a preference to specify a default SSO domain. [SG-25873]

Bug fix:

  • Fixed an issue where graph totals would display an incorrect rounded value in some cases [SG-24645]


Introducing Page Settings History :tada:

Now, Admins have access to information related to each iteration of a saved page as well as the ability to restore the page to a previously saved state—all within the Page Settings History panel!

To activate the panel, select Page Settings History… from the page dropdown menu.

From here, you can see the Page Settings History panel on your page.

And, you can perform actions like: restoring to a previously saved state, adding a name a description of changes, and saving a page as from the history.

To learn more about Page Settings History, visit our documentation here. We hope you enjoy this new functionality :heavy_heart_exclamation:

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Bug fix:

  • Fixed an issue where filtering tasks by a non-empty Pipeline Step would cause a page crash in some cases. [SG-26068]
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Introducing Input Validation Rules :tada::tada: :tada:

Input Validation Rules allow Admins to control data that goes into ShotGrid—like requiring naming conventions—thus mitigating confusion, errors, and discrepancies across data.

Validation Rules are configurable on fields, per project via the Configure Field… dialogue.

When enabled, you can configure:

  • A Description of the rule being applied
  • The error message that appears when violating a rule
  • Segments, which can include separators (dashes or underscores), and these include a maximum number of characters you expect for a segment
  • Requirements per segment (minimum and maximum lengths, case sensitivity, number, special characters, and more!)
  • Which Projects the rule should apply to

When applying a rule to a field for the first time, you have the ability to create a page with errors, where you can edit and correct records from there.

To learn more about Input Validation Rules, visit our documentation here. We hope you enjoy this new functionality! :partying_face:

The Enable Overlay Player Site Preference is now split in 2 different settings:

  • Enable Play in Browser
    • This preference enables the Play in Browser option from the thumbnail context menu, upon right-clicking on a thumbnail. This option is only available to versions uploaded in a supported format.
  • Enable Play on Click
    • Enables double-clicking a Thumbnail to Play media in the browser. This option is only available to versions uploaded in a supported format.

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Bug fix:

  • Fixed an issue where after duplicating a permission role, entity status field checkboxes would become disabled [SG-26739]
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  • Updated the Content-Security-Policy implementation to work with ShotGrid sites properly and with safer policies. [SG-26709]

Bug fix:

  • Fixed a regression where webhooks were not triggered by note replies. [SG-26657]
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Bug fix:

  • Fixed an issue where new users were unable to login for the first time. [SG-26923] (Wednesday May 11, 2022)


  • Enabled input validation for all text type fields and when creating new fields. [SG-26772]
  • Removed Clicktale / Contentsquare integration. [SG-26821]

Bug fix:

  • Fixed an issue where new users using old login were unable to login. [SG-26944] (Thursday May 12, 2022)

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed an issue that prevented users from renewing their session using the pop-up window. [SG-26960]
  • Fixed an issue with Input Validation Rules when creating saved filters with linked fields. [SG-26809] (Friday May 13, 2022)

Bug fix:

  • Fixed an issue where adding a new field with an input validation rule did not update the grid or manage fields dialog to indicate that the process completed. [SG-26972] (Monday May 16, 2022)

Bug fix:

  • Fixed a an issue where graphing dates by cluster would infinitely load. [SG-24969] (Tuesday May 17, 2022)

Bug fix:

  • Fixed an issue where users could create pages via importing entities using the “Create new page with imported data” option, despite not having permissions to create pages. [SG-24936] (Wednesday May 18, 2022)

Bug fix:

  • Fixed an issue where a pipeline step was visible in filters even when it was hidden or its parent entity was hidden. [SG-2317]