8.44 Release Notes

Release date: November 8, 2022 ET

We released the following updates since 8.43:


What’s New is now in-app :tada:

Now, you can quickly and easily learn about any newly released ShotGrid features in-app!

With this release, you will see a one-time pop-up window introducing the icon and the feature.


When a new feature is released, the icon will display a notification badge image. After visiting What’s New, the notification badge will disappear, returning the icon to the default state until the next feature is released

Learn more here.

Performance Optimizations

Optimized the performance of email notifications in large batches, with a focus on notifications with very long reply threads or with a very large number of addressees. [SG-28746]

Bug Fixes

Canvas Widget

  • Fixed an issue where text field data was displayed as ‘Blank’ in a graph widget. [SG-28724]

Entity Importer

  • Fixed an issue where timezones would not be correctly applied for date fields when importing data. [SG-28652]
  • Fixed an issue where importing data into a Currency field type would not work. [SG-28755]

Event Log

  • Fixed a regression where some filters used incorrect timezones on date fields. [SG-28475]


  • Fixed an issue where special characters would not be correctly displayed in text fields. [SG-24684]


  • Fixed an issue where retired pages were copied when a user was duplicated. [SG-28611]


  • Fixed an issue where a query field displaying Notes could be empty when there was a note draft on a linked entity. [SG-26886]

Tracking Settings

  • Removed the Link > Entity option in Project Tracking Settings which could lead to an error on Delivery detail pages. [SG-27954]


  • Fixed a bug that caused Webhook event delivery times to be inflated under certain conditions. [SG-28198]

Thursday November 10, 2022 ET

Bug fix:

  • Fixed a bug where not all Webhook events were delivered for some larger imports. More specifically, events would fail to be delivered when multiple simultaneous transactions generated interleaved sequences of events. [SG-27646]
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Bug fix:

  • [Reverted] Fixed an issue where column summaries were not displaying on all grouping levels. [SG-27648]
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  • Added support for Showing and Hiding Remaining Custom Entities in Site Preferences, giving you the ability to enable any available Custom Entities instead of being limited to the next available Custom Entity (previous behavior). Learn more here. [SG-27327]


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Bug fix:

  • Added a requirement for validation rules to include one or more required segments when creating a validation rule on a field. [SG-27636]
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Bug fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where newly created statuses would not appear after a user navigated to the Permissions tab in the creation dialogue window. [SG-28649]
  • Reduced the chance of a deadlock caused when updating entities that are pointing to the same linked entities. This release will be gradually deployed over the next few days. [SG-26125] (Thursday December 1, 2022 ET)


  • Added support for spaces in Input Validation Rule segments. Learn more here. [SG-28679]

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Bug fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where the Note creation form would freeze and still send a Note after an error message was displayed for required fields being empty. [SG-24544]
  • Fixed an issue in the Media Center where a Version link would repeatedly open until the browser cache was cleared. [SG-6119]