8.31 Release Notes

Release date: October 26, 2021

We released the following updates since 8.30:

Apply New Fields and Statuses to Projects

When you create a new field and status, you will be presented with options on where you would like to display them:

  • All unarchived Projects
  • Only the current Project
  • Select unarchived and template Projects

Select unarchived and template Projects allows you to select which projects you would like fields and statuses visible in. You can search projects, sort by the fields provided on Projects, and select the projects you would like the field and status visible in.

Other Improvements

  • Warnings will display when a user tries to save a cross-project query field that does not work correctly if shared across projects or if returning data unrelated to the current entity in a project. [SG-23815]
  • Updated links to documentation. [SG-23938]

Fixed bugs

  • Removed entity and multi-entity fields as a default option available in quick/page search. They can be selected instead. [SG-23641]
  • Fixed the infinite loading issue in Resource Planning when Tasks were assigned to Groups on some Department and Project pages. [SG-24059]
  • Fixed the infinite loading issue in Resource Planning that occurred with other Tasks assignment edge cases. [SG-24085]
  • Fixed a permissions issue where the “Enable Autodesk block welcome email” preference was not saved. [SG-24055]
  • Fixed an issue issue where some users were required to authenticate 24 hours after logging in. [SG-24168]
  • Autodesk Account Status and Autodesk PAT Assigned fields are no longer configurable. [SG-24172]
  • [Python API] Fixed an issue where users would get a PAT error despite having it set up, due to SG 2FA being enabled [SG-24196]
  • Fixed an issue where a “Sign in to proceed” pop-up would show up when not necessary for renewing a session [SG-24266]
  • Added validation when creating or editing formatting rules: from now, a description and a valid value must be provided [SG-23795]
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Bug fix:

  • Fixed UI visibility rules that were being applied to summary cells by reverse association. [SG-23522] (Tuesday November 2, 2021)


  • Quick Search field selections are now remembered and saved in page settings after refreshing a page. [SG-23688] (Thursday November 4, 2021)

Bug fix:

  • Fixed an issue which could occur when creating or editing a query field with a list type field condition [SG-24440] (Monday November 8, 2021)

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where hidden entities were shown in the importer and grid cell editor. [SG-22843]
  • Fixed crashes that occurred when attempting to filter rows by Frame Rate. [SG-16545] (Tuesday November 9, 2021)

Bug fix:

  • Fixed Issues in the Apply New field to Project dialog. [SG-24021]
    • Fixed an issue where adding a new status or a field to a selected project template added them to all projects.
    • Fixed an issue where adding a field to all unarchived projects actually only added the field to the current project. (Wednesday November 10, 2021)

Bug fix:

  • Fixed a bug that was setting the year to the current one whenever a date was changed. [SG-23976] (Monday November 15, 2021)

Bug fix:

  • Fixed a new Webhooks UI regression where it was not possible to add a new (additional) filter to a Webhook. [SG-24531]