XML? Nah. OpenTimelineIO!

I’m not sure if this has been discussed or not, but I tried searching here and nothing popped.

I can imagine the shotgun team has heard a lot of complaints about only supporting EDLs via the cut publish tool, and I imagine a lot of people have pushed for XML or AAF, but I recently came across OTIO and think it could solve a lot of SG native implementations for choosing an edit decision list standard to adopt.


The fact that it’s simpler than AAF but can track things as complicated as time ramping is pretty awesome!

Couple questions: Is the SG team roadmapping this adoption (don’t see it on the roadmap)
If not, what are the thoughts as far as adoption?


Hey @rob_thomson—welcome to the forum and thanks for the question!

I’m not sure of our plans to support, so I’ve asked around and we’ll report back.

One quick now—I moved this topic to the #shotgun category as it’s a bit broader and platform-wide in terms of support than just #pipeline topics. :slight_smile:

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Hi Rob,

We are already involved in the OTIO ASWF project and even have a seat at the TSC committee. Moving forward, our strategy is to leverage open standards and OTIO is one avenue we’re considering for storing and sharing cut information internally and externally. This is in line with our current internal usage of OTIO in Shotgun for the media rich Notes support in Shotgun-Create.




That’s awesome Michel! Thanks so much to both you and Johnny for the quick replies! This is really exciting news and helps us out a lot to know this is already part of the plan!