Workfiles2 File Browser Versions display size

Hello. Wondering if anyone knows if it’s possible, and where if so, to increase the size of the file versions bounding box being displayed in the File Browser. Our filenames get long, and there is a hard limit on how many characters are displayed in the versions list of files. Widening the window doesn’t help, as the file version display bounding box stays the same until there is enough room for an additional column. See attached image. I know you can hover over a given file version and wait for the tool tip or hint dialog to pop up, but if a lot of our filenames are long, this can be a time waster. Is there a config setting somewhere that allows me to adjust the string length or bounding box width being displayed per file version? Thanks in advance.


Hey Michael – we don’t have a way to configure this through hooks or YAML files. I’d say it’s a fair feature request to have those columns expand when you expand the window, and I’d encourage you to add it here.

You could fork the Workfiles2 app and make the change yourself. I’m no Qt expert, but I tried changing the resize() values in this file, and that did nothing (not surprisingly; it was a total shot in the dark). I’ll run this by the engineers and see if I can get any insight from them.

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Thanks Tannaz! If I’m doing this right, I think it might be the file_widget.ui (thus file that is responsible for that widget size? I modified the .ui file in QtDesigner and reran the file to update things accordingly, but that didn’t work for me either. Any edits I make to the install/app_store/tk-multi-workfiles2 app (my own live sandbox) with regards to widget (re)size make no difference to my fresh sessions (Photoshop in this case), so I’m not sure what I’m missing.


Hi Michael,

I gave this a try and was able to extend the width of the file widget in a couple of different ways.


  1. I did this by manually updating the ui\ file but the result should be the same if you update the resources\file_widget.ui file and run build_resources. I updated the resize parameters in the setupUi method:
class Ui_FileWidget(object):
    def setupUi(self, FileWidget):
        FileWidget.resize(450, 76)
  1. I added a resize call in file_list\
self._ui = Ui_FileWidget()
self.resize(450, 76)

It sounds like you’ve tried the first method already. If that’s still not working for you I would check the resulting python file to make sure the values were updated correctly (maybe try modifying them manually first to make sure this works for you as well)


Thanks Ehsan! I did try the former method multiple ways without success, but finally realized my config was wrong and all of my edits weren’t being picked up in my active sessions. Once I did sort that out, the FileWidget.resize() started working finally! Also thanks for the file_list/ resize call as well. That’s clever.

I’ve filed a feature request for something akin to this, so hopefully future versions will have an interactive means of adjusting this, or configurable way at least.


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Thanks @Ehsan! I guess I was on the right track , just looking at file_group_widget instead of file_widget! Thanks for sharing how to do it the right way. :blush:

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